Social Media Express is a subsidiary of a marketing agency focused on helping businesses that are the best in each industry. The world is full of distractions and daily we get bombarded with advertising and promotions, emails, text messages, phone calls and radio and television ads. But how do consumers know which businesses are genuinely providing legitimately great service. We’ve developed this website as a guide to consumers nation wide that are constantly searching through our trusted network of businesses we have vetted across the web.

Not only have we vetted these businesses, our army of consumer reviewers take a head on to approach to make sure that every future consumer of that brand’s product or service is getting the best. We created this company because we are aware of the constant noise in the world and we’re here to help consumers cut through the clutter and businesses reach them. We help establish trust when trust may be lacking.

Thank you for visiting Social Media Express, we look forward to connecting you with the best of the best.